Becoming An Ironworker

So you’d like to be an ironworker? Good call. It’s an incredible profession, one that most 97 members find satisfying, rewarding, and fun!

Are You Familiar With The Trade?

If not, here’s a brief video you can watch about the two most common forms of ironworking performed here at our Local.

Do You Have Experience?

If not, then let us tell you about the Ironworker Foundation Program offered by the British Columbia Institute of Technology. It’s a full-time, 23-week course of study that prepares students for entry-level employment. Local 97 offers apprenticeships to all graduates of the Foundation Program, pBCITshortrovided they have good grades {a minimum of 75% in every training module} and good attendance {absent no more than six days}. You can learn more about the IFP by visiting

If you’ve done some ironworking in the past, that’s terrific. That said, Local 97 is the largest organization of ticketed ironworkers in the province of BC and, if you’d like to work with us, you’ll need to have your trade ticket also.

If you have a structural background and you qualify for an apprenticeship, we’ll assist you in obtaining Red Seal certification as a Generalist Ironworker {BC does not currently have a structural-only designation}. The apprenticeship process requires time on the job supplemented by school training; graduates of the three-year program have typically logged 4,260 workplace hours and 600 school hours. Additional information can be found at

Red Seal

If, on the other hand, your experience is more on the rebar side and you qualify for an apprenticeship, we’ll assist you in obtaining Red Seal certification as a Reinforcing Ironworker. This is a two-year program that usually involves 3,200 workplace hours and approximately 400 school hours. Further details at

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship with Local 97, you can send your CV and transcripts from any schooling you’ve done to

Already Ticketed Or Certified?

Same goes if you’ve got your Red Seal in ironworking or a related occupation such as welding. You can send your particulars to